What is an eClub?

Rotary eClubs are Rotary clubs that meet online and give their members the flexibility to get involved wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Other than meeting online, Rotary eClubs are essentially the same as other Rotary clubs, for example they get involved in charity projects, support The Rotary Foundation and enjoy friendship and fellowship among members.

Rotary eClubs follow the same guidelines and procedures as other clubs. However, rather than holding meetings each week, members are not committed to attending a regular meeting at the same time and same place every week. This means that you can contribute online at any time.

Whenever  !

  • it suits you
  • you have the time
  • you can get involved
  • you can get online

Using this website and our members’ chat rooms, we aim to be able to involve members in the eClub’s organisation, planning, fundraising initiatives – only over a wider area and to generate more ideas.

Existing Rotarians can use our eClub to remain an active member of Rotary. For those Rotarians who are unable to attend a weekly meeting in person at their own club – whether this is due to location constraints, busy schedules, work commitments or physical disabilities – our eClub offers the opportunity to continue contribute to Rotary and stay involved.

If you’re interested in joining our eClub, you must:

  • be a former member, or transfer your current membership of your current Rotary Club to the Rotary eClub of Southern Scotland.
  • be a new prospective member who want to help us raise money, support initiatives and offer friendship
  • be proficient in both written and spoken English

Visit our Join Rotary page to find out more, including our application to join the Rotary eClub of Southern Scotland.

Some questions and answers

Is a Rotary eClub just a “virtual” club that lacks Rotary service?

Rotary eClubs are not “virtual” Rotary clubs. We are real Rotary clubs with a membership of real living, breathing, working Rotarians doing real Rotary projects. We simply use this website as a tool to manage the club and manage projects. Use of the word “virtual” in the Rotary context is deemed to be inappropriate, because Rotary works in the real world, not in the virtual world. A Rotary eClub is part of the real world of Rotary International.

If a Rotary eClub has members located in different countries, in what language does it conduct its business?

Since our eClub is based and operates in Scotland, then we will conduct all our business in English. There are other Rotary eClubs that operate in Mandarin, Cantonese, Finnish, Portuguese, and Spanish – a quick internet search in your preferred language should identify those eClubs if that suits you better.

Why does the Rotary eClub have a public website for visitors and make-up attendance and a separate members’ section that is closed to visitors?

Security is very important to us. We must protect our members and their immediate families from any action that could threaten their privacy, their security or their personal safety. Our members’ section may include personal details of each member, eClub minutes of meetings, financial reports, administration of eClub projects and discussion forums for every member to access and read. We want to make sure that all this information is stored securely.

How are members of the Rotary eClub encouraged to login to the members section?

Traditionally, Rotary clubs offer a high quality programme at their meetings, with speakers, service projects, interesting discussions and enjoyable friendship between members. The members’ section of our eClub must offer exactly the same high quality content to maintain members’ interest and encourage regular “attendance”. We want our members to visit the members’ section regularly to keep connected, informed and inspired. We’ll also use the members’ section to encourage members to suggest fundraising initiatives and to provide interesting content for each other.

How does a Rotarian transfer membership from a traditional Rotary club to a Rotary eClub?              

Since each Rotary Club or eClub is self-governing, membership is not transferable. Once an existing Rotarian has satisfied the membership criteria of our eClub and has been accepted for membership, we would ask that they resign their membership in the former Rotary club. Our Membership Secretary will advise Rotary International of the new membership, using your existing membership number so that you keep your membership history and to avoid creating a duplicate record.

What is the attendance rule for members of a Rotary eClub?

Rotary operates a flexible approach to attendance, bearing in mind today’s pace of life and members’ needs to attend to stay in touch.

Can a member of a Rotary eClub visit a traditional Rotary club for fellowship and make-ups?

The quick answer is yes! As a member of our Rotary eClub you are still a Rotarian and are therefore entitled (and even encouraged) to visit other eClubs or traditional Rotary clubs.

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